American Conference 2014

New York, 20th-21st June 2014THANK YOU!

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  • America Conference
  • America Conference

"Who knows what Columbus would have discovered if America had not got in the way"
Jonathan Swift, Thoughts on Various Subjects, 1706/26

There are almost 2,000 Bocconi Alumni scattered across the Americas, from Canada to Argentina: professional and personal challenges relocate many of you to all corners of the globe.

But this doesn't mean being far apart: the BAA's main purpose is to help keep all of you in contact with each other and the University.

Demolish borders and reach everyone: the Bocconi Alumni Conferences are truly "in motion" and change location each year. Each conference is an international gathering at the highest level in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

After Singapore in November 2013, the BAA will be "flying" to America and stopover in New York.

New York

"Stimulating Economic Growth: America vs Europe"

A Continuous Learning event for all Alumni  living and working in the Americas. Speakers, sponsors and top-flight companies will attend, to tackle the issue of the European-American dichotomy on economics, business and finance.

Professor Mario Monti, Rector Andrea Sironi, BAA President Pietro Guindani, Vice Rector for International Affairs Stefano Caselli and Dean SDA Bocconi School of Management Bruno Busacca will be in attendance for Bocconi.